Blowing with the wind

In times of swine flu, this simulation show us how heavy is the airtrafic betwen Countries. Each yellow point represents a aircraft with at least 250 passangers. Can you imagine how fast the transmition can be? Tips from Ex-Blog do Cesar Maia.


Pint Price

Are you going to travel? Do you want to know how much a beer will cost? On the Pint Price website you can discover how much a beer cost in more than 200 Countries. Cheers!!


Do the evolution

Can you imagine the world with the same tecnology of 20 years ago? This VISA's advertisement from Australia show us how things could be diferent. Tips from Gizmodo.



I have to agree when people say about the social networks: they came to stay in our lifes. When I saw the Orkut for the first time I really couldn't understand what hell was that. Nowadays, every week appear a new one: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Fluter and so on. Even the blogosphere can be considered a kind of social network.

In true, I wrote about social networks to introduce you in a very intersting one: the Livemocha. This social network is for language learning and meet people around world. The person can use the program to learn and make exercices. When you make your subscription and start the course you agree to help people that want to learn your mother tongue. That's the way Livemocha. Try it your by self.


Watch The Simpsons Online

Did you miss the last episode of The Simpsons? No worries! Now you can see all seasons on the 'Watch The Simpsons Online' website. There you can make a search to find your best character or places where this family passed by. Click on the picture to go there. Tips from S & H.


If the world were a village of 100 people

The World of 100 is a project based on the scenario - If the world were a village of 100 people. For each diferent statistic there's a interesting graphic, as you can see below. Click here to see all of them.


II World War in cartoon - If Maps Could Fight

Do you know what I mean or it's necessary that I make a draw? On the picture below you can see a funny and diferent way to explain the steps of II World War. Tips from Strange Maps.


Web Trend Map

Could you imagine to represent the Internet as a subway's map? From now it's possible!! With the new 'Web Trend Map' you can see how the connections happens between websites, blogs, Internet Groups and so on. Click here to enlarge the picture. Tips from Gizmodo.


Pixar X DreamWorks

Sometimes I think how the screenwriters could imagine things that we see in movies. With this picture above I could understand, at least, how the professional from Pixar and DreamWorks have done that. Click here to see the English version. Tips from S & H.


Do you have any doubt about your political position? The Politicômetro - from Veja magazine - help you to discover how much left or right wing you are. Do you have any problem with Protuguese? Come on! Use the Google Translate!! Tips from Uncle Gero.


The Story of Stuff

I know, that's not a brand new video! However I realy think that this video must be in the GMC. With a simple language, good mood and a lot of animé Annie Leonard show us how things are made and where they will go. See it by yourself.


The future is really now

This is not the first time I show you a video that try to describe how the future will be. The first one was a Microsoft's institutional video made totally with computer's resourses. However now I'm introducing you a video about something that is already happening. It's about a equipament that offer you the possibility to interage with the external world. Using your fingers and hands you can make phone calls or take some pictures. Like Pattie Mae said, it is not so cool like Minority Report, but possible it's the right way to arrive there. Tips from Caligraffiti.