The Science News Cycle

The cartoon panel show us a funny way of tell some news. I mean, not a funny but the real way adopted by media in general. It is very similar the news about swine flu, isn't it? Tips from Neatorama.


Social networks around the World

Have you ever thought about social networks and their popularity around the World? A search made by Royal Pingdom with the 12 major social network around the globe was responsable for design the maps that we can see below. When I've seen these maps for the first time I found two curious things: 1 - Brazilian people are participating in all of them; and 2 - the social network that is used most by irish people is named Bebo, that means "I drink" in Portuguese. For more maps, click here.




Students of Appalachian State University have won the prize Juice Ideas, sponsored by Google, with their project of a bike made of plastic bottles. The final result you can see in the picture, however to understand the whole process is better to check on the video below. Tips from Nave Terra.


Live Green

Do you want to make something for the environment but you have no idea about what? On the YouTube Channel Live Green you can realise there's a lot of small things that you can change in your life style to respect more the Planet. You can find the tips according a classification, as Featured, Your Home, Your Car, Eco-Inovation, and Green Efect. By the way, the Green Efect is a project that offer USD 20.000 for the five best ideas for save the environment, from your neighbourhood to your Country or even to the World. What do you think about... Let's try? See the video below to understand the Green Efect project.


Around the World

Click on the picture below to see a short movie about the earth along the day, made by a satellite, the EchoStar 11, on March 10, 2009. That's amazing to see the Sun and the Moon passing by the Earth and bringing us the day and the night. Tips from Gizmodo.


La Prueba de la Bicicleta

When I was writing about bikes (see it below), I remembered a website from Argentina that makes tests with bikes without a padlocked in Buenos Aires streets. La Prueba de la Bicicleta website records how long the bike steal takes. The good news is that sometimes the bikes stay in the same place for hours... here in Dublin I don't believe we could find a similar result, also in Rio de Janeiro this reality is impossible. You can see below an exemple of this test.